@fillertrack the ground makes my face go extinct pretty often, this would be handy

hey i'm running really low on cash and i don't get paid until friday (i need to buy some food), so if you want to help out my cashapp is $priteclad and you can DM me for my paypal email. thanks!

(boosts appreciated)

@cwebber where did that joke even come from???? all I know it from is mIRC

@Skirmisher it was great! really fun watching where like 75% of all my trans hacker friends get their aesthetics from

@Brainship imagine a story involving a plastic pen in medieval times

even though "pens" existed in the form of quills with ink, plastic working wasn't invented yet and as such a clicky pen being used in a medieval historic time would be an anachronism

hey what's the real good alternative to sticker mule again

sick shitposting 

absolutely Loved working on this commission for @kobold !!! Byron is a wonderful lad and he loves beautifying his garden.

@onfy I remember there being a beaker that taught me a spell. I forgot entirely about that and casted the spell of opening on the pool and it worked

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