cryptidsona, scary teeth 

I have a cryptidsona now

they are a paralysis demon that can meld into shadows. cats love them but they are terrified of cats

They don't have a name and prefer to be referred to by they / them pronouns only. You can also just call them "Crom's cryptidsona"

Flappy Fighter 

here my stats

This game is so ridiculous. It's also free, I recommend

i adopted a bookwyrm from and they are officially my forever familiar for any future wizards I play

Their name is Pick

The Order Netflix show spoilers 

I'm in a big werewolf mood today because of The Order and twitter doesn't appreciate how much I appreciate queer werewolf subtext and also the part where one of the characters straight up admits the guy and girl friends of the protagonist are both hot and one's hotter and doesn't specify who

Anyway here's the extremely gayest subtext of gay werewolf transformation as a means of exploring sexuality, it's literally a "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" moment

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Kobold Space

remember to gently the kobolds