@onfy I enjoyed the part with the dragon. I felt really bad that i had to destroy her treasure

@onfy I also only played the EGA version. It stands up really well! Only a couple of puzzles that I thought were poorly designed.

@kobold Yeah, the puzzle with the dragon was a bit odd... and the caves were worse. But I was referring to the Monkey Island joke.

@onfy Oh, I thought you literally meant me to tell you about my playthrough LOL

@onfy My main gripes were how invisibility worked - the primary puzzle involving it sucked imo.

I also don't get how "open" drained a pool....

But p much the rest of it was great.

@kobold I don't exactly remember this puzzle but some puzzles have multiple solutions. It's even possible to beat the game without learning a few drafts.

@onfy I remember there being a beaker that taught me a spell. I forgot entirely about that and casted the spell of opening on the pool and it worked

@kobold Haha yeah, that sounds like it. They let you do alternate things that fit enough so you couldn't get stuck in the game.

@kobold Not perfect, but really innovative for 1990! One of the single most accessible games from this period of games.

@kobold Sorry, I love that dumb joke. But it was nice getting to know what you think too! Maybe I should do this more.

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